Simultaneous translation for events

The success of multilingual events relies on a high quality interpreting service.

For the organisation of events, I first advise on the different interpreting modalities, both technical and human, and recommend the options that best suit the needs of each project.

Once I have chosen the most suitable modality, I am in charge of managing the different teams of interpreters, providing the necessary technical equipment and managing the event from start to finish, taking care of every detail..

Over the years, I have built up a network of collaborators and great professionals, both audiovisual technicians and expert interpreters, in whom I place all my trust. I know each of my collaborators very well and I know which ones are the best for each language pair, theme and/or event.

Thanks to this great team, I offer a professional, high-quality interpreting service, thus guaranteeing the success of every event.


Don't hesitate in contacting me for any questions.